How To Have a Fulfilling and Satisfying Life as an Artist…

I have been an artist my whole life. And I have had dreams and goals of doing great things with my art my whole life. And I HAVE been successful as an art teacher and at creating my Treetch paintings and becoming known to some degree for my unique art creations–especially locally in the Antelope Valley. But I have more I want to accomplish.
And I still dream… and still get discouraged that I have so much trouble making those dreams a reality!!! I have had a dream for over 7 years to create a Draw Fantasy Creatures book and website: But I am still bogged down in the creation of both of these. If you go to my website it says the website will be coming soon sometime in 2017. ( I will soon need to change that to 2018!) Many of you reading this may be artists who I imagine have similar struggles with your artistic goals. One of the keys I think to accomplish our dreams is to be more disciplined at working each day at our goals. I try to do that– sometimes! But there always seems to be roadblocks that I let stop me. So, I want to remind and encourage myself and any creative artist reading this to do what the sign I have on my wall in my art studio says to do: 
“Figure out what you are passionate about that you could turn into a living and spend some real focused time on it everyday. That is the only way to feel fulfilled and satisfied with your life.” (this “sign” is from a review on Amazon of the book The Art of War by Steven Pressfield).

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I have always loved drawing eyes, swirling lines, and the human figure and here I put them all together in this fantasy image that came out of my mind. I drew it with pencil, colored it with prismacolor colored pencils, and did a few finishing touches digitally on the computer.

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I am Working on a new book: Draw Fantasy Creatures

I am having fun slowly creating my DrawFantasyCreatures website and at the
same time making a similar Draw Fantasy Creatures book. I have decided to make the
book first (in Indesign) and I will use some of the pages in the book on the website. Here is one of the pages I spent time designing to start one of the chapters.chapter-7-animals-image

Yes, that is a distorted version of me.

I am not sure when I will finish the book.  I am just going to have fun creating and designing each page.  (But I am hoping to finish it sometime in 2017.)

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Creative Castle is a Metaphor for the Creative Artist

The Creative Castle was one of the most imaginative illustrations I made for the book Creativity Castle in ProgressCrossing The Troll Bridge. The castle is a metaphor for “you the creative artist with a unique creative spirit”.

I almost like the photo of the unfinished illustration better, because it shows the castle (and me as an artist) in that magical state of emerging and becoming (which I think is possibly the funnest most exciting experience of being an imaginative creative artist).
CreativityCastle Create your dreams poster

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