I have always loved drawing eyes, swirling lines, and the human figure and here I put them all together in this fantasy image that came out of my mind. I drew it with pencil, colored it with prismacolor colored pencils, and did a few finishing touches digitally on the computer.

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I am Working on a new book: Draw Fantasy Creatures

I am having fun slowly creating my DrawFantasyCreatures website and at the
same time making a similar Draw Fantasy Creatures book. I have decided to make the
book first (in Indesign) and I will use some of the pages in the book on the website. Here is one of the pages I spent time designing to start one of the chapters.chapter-7-animals-image

Yes, that is a distorted version of me.

I am not sure when I will finish the book.  I am just going to have fun creating and designing each page.  (But I am hoping to finish it sometime in 2017.)

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Creative Castle is a Metaphor for the Creative Artist

The Creative Castle was one of the most imaginative illustrations I made for the book Creativity Castle in ProgressCrossing The Troll Bridge. The castle is a metaphor for “you the creative artist with a unique creative spirit”.

I almost like the photo of the unfinished illustration better, because it shows the castle (and me as an artist) in that magical state of emerging and becoming (which I think is possibly the funnest most exciting experience of being an imaginative creative artist).
CreativityCastle Create your dreams poster

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Skillful Art by my Antelope Valley College Illustration Class Students (Spring 2016)

For the last 24 years I have been teaching an illustration class at Antelope Valley College in Lancaster, California. The 2016 spring semester has just ended and this enthusiastic class was filled with 22 talented creative student artists! Here are a few of the illustrations they created. I included each artist’s name on their illustration.

Kaila Hernandez pen and ink 72 dpi James Johnson fan art 72dpi Danica Cordell fan art 72 dpi Danelle Moreno. Mask 72 dpi Chelsea Thomas fan art 72 dpi Ainsley Barr Red and Wolf 72 dpi

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